No-one could conceive of putting on an event without a quality catering service. This is why we place great emphasis on selecting and recommending the right catering partner. What else but memories of select delicacies, fine wine, a unique venue and fun will your guest take away with him?


Gala evenings

gala dinner gala vecereA hall decked in celebratory decorations, great music enticing you in from outside and the venue begins to fill up with guests in evening dress. Only the finest champagne as a welcome drink and your gala evening can begin...
Once the waiters in dinner-jackets or costume have seated the guests, the first of the chef's delicacies arrives and live music adds the finishing touches to an evening of splendour.

... In historical venues, we can arrange gala evenings as they used to be held among the well-to-do, with guests sitting in an assigned order. Modern, traditional, themed or non-traditional gala evenings can be held in original venues where light, decorations and flower arrangements will play an important role in shaping the overall impression of the event.


Buffet, cocktail Where else but at a celebration do you have the opportunity to taste such a wide selection of international delicacies? After welcoming guests and having a welcome drink, we can offer you culinary delicacies ranging from Mediterranean cuisine, Japanese sushi, Indian curries, Wok specialities, Greek souvlaki, American steaks, and not forgetting the best of our own grandmothers' recipes.
Guests can serve themselves at the buffet tables where chefs will assist for hot dishes. For events where social conversation is encouraged, we recommend a so-called ‘standing buffet', where waiters will wander among the guests with ready-prepared servings on plates and guests are free to focus on their company.


Afternoon or early evening, formal or informal, cocktails or punch. Friendly waiters will offer canapés and a wide selection of quality wines and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

Bartender service

Add a little extra to your planned event with a barman show, fire or UV show. A unique experience for guests who also have the opportunity to mix their own drink, or have a go at some basic barman tricks. Our bartenderscan prepare a special cocktail recipe for your party.


The best accompaniment to any garden party, children's day or corporate celebration on site. Our master chefs prepare a delicious roast piglet, ham from the bone, as well as well-spiced meats. Home-made marinades and salads are an important part of any proper barbecue.

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