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Blue & Green was established in 1999 and since 2001 this company employing 20 people has been reporting the financial turnover of CZK 30 million each year. The company has been mainly focusing on providing catering services together with the entertainment production. We offer the combination of the excellent food served in the interesting premises and a suitable themed accompanying program. Thanks to the satisfaction of our clients with our approach, work and efficiency we have gradually learned a lot of new things and by now we have ended up providing a wide range of services. In the beginning we were the only company in the market providing the catering together with the wide range of entertaining in-house programs. As there have been more demands for program / entertaining and first of all the organization services our company has abandoned the catering production since January 2007. Thanks to our long-term experiences we specialize in the provision of the catering supervision and for each event we have a suitable partner, who delivers the high quality catering.

Why to do business with us:

Long-term experiences (10-year history, over 2,000 realized events)
Efficiency, professionalism
We will do the work on your behalf = you will save both your time and money
We know, what is going on in the area of events (we know, what's new in the business and we are able to offer that)
Personal responsible approach, loyalty



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